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Beginner's Guide to SQL Injection (Basics Part 2)

Hello guys, I am back with second part of my article Beginner’s Guide to SQL Injection.

Hope you guys have enjoyed first part and understood the basics of SQL Injection. If you have not read it yet then it will be little difficult for you to understand this article. I request you to read Part-1 first from this  link before reading this.
While concluding Part-1 I asked you guys to read about “information_schema”, “table_schema” and “LIMIT clause”
If you have read it then it’s very good, for those of you who were unable to read I’ll explain here again in short.

In simple words, you can think of information_schema as a "MASTER DATABASE" that holds details about all the other databases on the server such as the names and types of tables, columns and users.

Information_schema will have many tables (see screenshot)

But we’ll be using only these (see screenshot below) tables of information_schema maximum number of times to dump database. You can use other tables als…